Latest session: More music videos and Michel Gondry

One slightly unusual video we looked at last time was Mohammad ‘Sakrifis’.  It looks at things in an abstract way and focuses on certain parts of the horse.  Along with the music, this makes for an interesting video.  I like the simplicity of it and how it can keep a viewer watching without having much going on.  These are ideas worth thinking about when making my own video.


We also looked at a man called Michel Gondry.  After watching a documentary on him and his work, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked his style. He has directed videos for the Foo Fighters, Beck, the Chemical Brothers, the White Stripes and more.  He has a very imaginative approach to his videos, using some very interesting techniques.  I particularly liked his one idea of having shoes attached to his feet with string, walking backwards and then reversing the video so it looked like the shoes were walking in front.  It is such a simple idea yet so effective.  I won’t have enough time to be able to do anything quite like him but I can still use his ideas for inspiration when making my own video.  Here are a couple of surreal and crazy videos he has made:


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