Final Project Idea

After taking everything we have done in this module into consideration, I have decided on a final project.  I will mainly be taking influence from the improvisation sessions.  My idea is as follows:

I want to create a piece of music that conveys different human emotions and moods.  Instead of having just one mood throughout, I am going to have it change at certain intervals while keeping the music constant so it melds into one.  So, it could go from anger, which might include aggressive, fast paced, loud sounds and then change to happiness which might include relaxed, positive sounds.  It could then change to other emotions and feelings such as depression, loneliness, bliss or sadness.  The musicians involved are fairly free to do as they want as it is improvisation but must always think about things like dynamics and tempo amongst others and remember the mood they are trying to convey.

I will be playing drums on the day and I hope to have a guitar player, piano player and possibly others.  The piece will last no longer than ten minutes and will be performed in front of an audience.  An idea I have also had is to set up a projector and have the different moods on that for everyone to see.  I could then have the audience come up and choose the mood they want to see and hear.  This will make it more interactive and interesting.

This will be done some point in May.


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