How will the relationship between sound and image progress?

This is a question we were asked to answer, taking into consideration everything we have looked at.

The relationship between sound and image becomes so strong that they almost blend into one thing.  The way in which they interact with each other enhances the audience’s experience tenfold.  Music can change an image or series of images completely in the same way that images can completely change a piece of music.  They work together so that our emotional response is as high as possible.  They can reinforce something we already know or change our outlook on something altogether.  It has come to the point where we almost expect sound to accompany images and vice versa.  For example, when watching a film or television program there is always music to heighten our viewing experience.

As well as things we see on television and films, we are just a click away from image and sound relationships at all times.  We can simply go on YouTube, Vimeo and other similar websites and watch millions of different videos that utilise an image and sound combination.  We have come so far in terms of how image and sound can work together to make something far more powerful.  For example, the interactive videos people like Robyn and Arcade Fire have done simply pushed the boundaries further.  This may be a sign that image and sound relationships are ever progressing and will continue to push the boundaries.

With the invention of the Scopitone and the music video amongst other things, the relationship between sound and image has evidently progressed over the past 100 years or so.  It is now dependent upon the creativity of the artists, composers and thinkers alike to keep progressing the relationship.  With constant technological advancements and new ways of doing and sharing things it is inevitable that the relationship of sound and image will only develop further.


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