Release gig!

Well, after a lot of planning and preparation this gig finally happened.  We decided to do a small, intimate gig instead of a standard pub or club gig.  We wanted to do something different for our audience.

Originally, I was planning on doing a gig at the Hornblower pub in Newport but it was fully booked up so I had to think of what else I could do.  I thought of the different venues in the area but as this was for the single release I wanted to think of something we hadn’t done before.  After looking at the band Kyuss on YouTube I was reminded of their infamous ‘generator parties’.  This is where they would take generators out into the Californian deserts, set up their gear and play through the night with a small audience watching, drinking and generally having a good time.

Although this wasn’t something I could do, it did influence my thinking…

I got in touch with the owner of the place the band and I usually practice.  This is a small unit on an industrial estate.  My idea was to hold a gig/party here where everyone could come down, watch us play, have a drink and get a free CD.  This place, known as Mirage, has a particular vibe about it that I knew would work but I wanted to enhance that mood even more.  So, I turned the lights off and filled the place with candles and fairy lights.  We had tried with just candles at a practice beforehand and there wasn’t enough light, which is why we added the fairy lights on the night.

I set a status allowing the first 20 people to ‘like’ it to come to the gig.

I then set up an event page, where people could get more information and I could keep them updated.

Event Page People attending Reminder Post

We arrived at 9, set everything up and people started showing up at 10.  We started playing at 10:30.  We played for an hour, had a break and then played another half hour.  We then socialised with everyone who was there for the rest of the night, allowing people to join in with our jams afterwards.

We had excellent feedback that night on our playing, how we set the place up and the CDs (which everyone got one of).


I am now glad that we did this instead of a gig in a pub as everybody who came down was there for the music, where as at a pub not everybody wants to hear it.  It was an amazing experience and I, the band and everyone who turned up had a great time.  It is also something we consider doing again in the future, perhaps the next time we have something to release.

Hopefully I will be uploading pictures of this event soon, but for now, I just have one…  this is near the end where we swapped instruments and were having a freestyle jam.

Mirage 1


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