Depth/Context on the video and gig

Here is the video for ‘Blood Like Cream’ by the American band Red Fang.  This is a band who are a huge influence on our music and this is an example of a band recently using a video to promote both their new release and their upcoming tour – with great success.  As I wanted to get our release heard and get more people coming to our shows I knew making a video would be an effective way of doing this.  I wanted to give off a feeling of mystery and uncertainty with this video so I made it short and made it all happen in one place.  I also added the changing colour effects for more confusion.  My idea was that making it short and weird would make people wonder what was going on and as a result keeping their eye out on anything else we post.  Here is one short promo video I noticed that had that mysterious vibe:

I think people were taken by surprise as we haven’t made a video before and didn’t tell anyone we were doing this one.  So I think this got people interested and drew more attention to the single release.  I also added an annotation on the video which directs viewers to the full song on YouTube to maximise the chances of people listening to it.

When thinking about the gig, I had a few ideas in mind.  Here are some examples of what I based the event around:

– these unplugged shows are what inspired the idea to have candles and really try to set a mood.  The friendly audience interaction approach is something else I took from these performances.

– these events where bands play in front of smaller audiences and have no need for security or barriers also inspired me to do something like this. The first example here was literally just a band taking their gear out into the desert and people would hear about it through word of mouth and turn up for free.  The second one is more planned and people pay to go but they both have that same personal, up close vibe where you are able to talk to the band and look at their equipment etc after they have played.  The event I planned was closer to the first in that it was free of charge and people heard about it through word of mouth.  Those generator parties in the desert (first link) happened 20 years ago and people still talk about them today because they are unique and it’s a ‘you had to be there’ kind of thing – this is why I wanted to try this approach.


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