First Task

To begin this new module, I will start by showing a short song I recently made and where the main influence came from in terms of the overall sound and production.  So here is a link to my track “DrainPype Rat”:

And here is the main influence behind it:

I randomly picked up this album in a shop and bought it even though I had heard none of the tracks.  I was familiar with John Frusciante but not so much with his solo work.  The entire album got me thinking about how many different things are possible within music and how it can go from complete chaos to a blissful calmness within seconds.  So, I began messing about with these techniques I was hearing.

I chose this song in particular because I liked how the drumbeat kept the piece moving – allowing anything to happen on top of it. It repeats certain parts and other parts are there only once.  I attempted to follow this idea in my track by doing the same thing – having a drumbeat keeping the piece moving from start to finish and placing random pieces on top – some of which repeat and some of which don’t.

This was my first attempt at something like this and there’s plenty of room for improvement.  I could add a lot more sounds and even try getting vocal parts included.  A second attempt would probably be longer too, with this one simply being a trial run.  Although I am not trying to completely copy Frusciante’s work, there is plenty that can be learnt from it.


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