To give you a bit of a clue as to how my solo project will sound, I will share with you a few examples of artists and songs that I believe will be influential on my songs.

  –  this band is a huge influence on my approach to music and this song in particular I believe captures the sort of thing I will be aiming for.  It is instrumental, it has a good use of dynamics and creates an interesting mood.  These are the sort of attributes I want in my music.  To be able to create such a mood without the use of any vocals is a skill that is often overlooked and I hope to be able to do this as well as I can.

–  this is an important reference point for my project as Brant Bjork plays all instruments on his solo music, like I plan to do.  On top of this, his simplistic yet effective approach is something I want to achieve.  I regard him as one of my main influences in song writing and I will continue to listen to and analyse his music as the project develops.

 –  I have chosen this because of the dark, gristly sound it has.  As well as this there is a certain level of emotion that is poured into it which I admire.   Again, it’s a fairly simple piece of music but still ticks all the right boxes.

 –  Riff driven music with a retro, psychedelic sound.  This band takes everything I love about music and puts it together.  I would like to be able to make my music have that retro sound.  This means no overproduction and more focus on the methods of actually recording – something to keep in mind.


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