Drum Recording

As my first task for the APT module I had to record and mix a drum track.  I, along with 2 others, set up the drum kit in the uni studio and took into consideration everything we had learnt about drum placement and mic phasing.  We pulled the drums out of the corner and used the floor tom as a guide to where the drums would sound best in the room.  We found our spot and as I was the one who would be drumming, I set up the kit in the way I would feel most comfortable.  We had a variety of microphones to use so we tried a few different techniques.  We ended up with microphones on the following:

Bass drum

Snare – one on bottom, one on top

Rack Tom

Floor Tom

Hi Hat

Overheads – one left, one right

IMAG0148 IMAG0147 IMAG0146 IMAG0145 IMAG0144

We tried first of all listening to how the kit sounded with just the overheads and to our surprise, it actually sounded decent.  One by one we added in the other mics and did a small amount of mixing before recording using the SSL desk.


After hearing it back, I think we recorded the drums quite well.  We had a slight problem with the floor tom as we were getting some unwanted buzzing and that was still not 100% solved even in my final mix but other than that everything sounded okay.  In terms of mixing I had some difficulty getting a nice sound from the kick drum but after a lot of fiddling with the EQ and the Compressors I managed to make it sound a bit better.

I helped someone else with their drum recording a few weeks later and for that we used a similar mic set up but there was only one mic on the snare and we added a room mic.  Also, we surrounded the kit with the sound walls.  If I were to do mine again, I would consider using these techniques as I found they were quite effective.

Here is the final mix:



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