Music Videos

To accompany the original pieces of music I will be making, I will be making some videos.  The overall idea behind the project is to be an ode to Cwmbran – the place I grew up.  So, to do that I felt as though raw video footage of my surroundings would be suitable.  This includes the various places I have been and takes the viewer on a personal trip through Cwmbran – including typical ways I have walked over the years.  This post is to show what videos have influenced me and to give you an idea of the sort of style I am going for.


This video not only captures a similar style of music to what I am doing, but it also captures some of the ideas I will be putting into my videos.  It has the journey element to it.  It shows fast moving images of landscape and takes the viewer on a journey themselves.  Mountains, dirt tracks, straight roads, trees and nature – these are the sort of things I will be going for too.  The style of music has a very journey like feeling to it and it is not unusual to see these sort of videos with music of this genre.


Not my usual cup of tea, but there has always been something that has interested me about this artist’s videos.  They have a certain old fashioned, elegant feeling to them that is rare to see these days.  The music seems heartfelt and along with the video, it makes for a very interesting listen.  This approach to video making is something I want to try doing myself.






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