My second task for the APT module was sampling.  We were taught about various sampling techniques and shown plenty of examples of where they have been effective in the past.  It is something I have only tried once or twice in the past but not something I am particularly interested in using.  I did however try and give it a good go.  We were asked to use a sample of our choice in one of our own pieces of music.  So, I chose one of the songs I had recorded for the PDAR module and added in a snippet of an interview with the famous 60’s villain – Charles Manson.  I chose to use this sample as I had recently watched a documentary about him and there was certain things he said that made me think.

The lyrics in my own songs are;

“Cause I’m, Free

The world, In front of me”

Charles Manson was talking about how he felt free in his head and that it was only his physical body that was locked up in prison.  He believed that the real him was out in the hills enjoying life.  It made me think and I thought him feeling free, and me singing about being free may, in some strange way, work together.  So, I gave it a go and added some echo and reverb effects to make it sound that bit creepier and chilling.  I then applied Melodyne on my own vocals to try and enhance them.

Here is my sampling mix:


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