Description of the Project

My project is essentially a DIY solo album.  I played drums, bass, guitar and for the first time, performed vocals.  After playing in bands for years, this project was about me trying my own personal style and relying on only myself.  It is about hearing the music that directly represents me.  I had created plenty of songs over the years and this module finally gave me the platform to put them to the test.  To accompany the audio material there is added visual content, to give it more depth and texture.  Again, I did this myself.  I took all of the videos on a hand held camera and edited it all together myself.  Within the general scene of music that I am trying to pinpoint, the visual elements are often very important and they often focus on nature and landscapes.  Mountains, rivers, trees, deserts, oceans, skies and dirt tracks – these are the sort of things that are seen.

The idea was to really dive into the concept of music taking the listener on a journey.  My aim is to travel after university and it is really the idea of journeys and travelling that has captured my interest over recent years.  My idea is to finish this album for the third year project and listen to it in full whilst on my travels, meaning I can experience a very personal journey.  Being more optimistic, I would love for other people to use my album as a backing track to their own journeys once I have released it.  Visually, it is about representing the place I grew up – Cwmbran.  Viewers can get a taste of a small town in Wales through an audio/visual experience that shows them the scenery through the eyes of one resident.


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