Final Project!

Here we have the final project for the Advanced Production Techniques module.  It is a recording of a song I have been developing for some time.  I played all instruments on this track and mixed and mastered it.  Even on the day of recording parts were added, removed and changed.  This has become a regular occurrence whenever I record.  I am happy that after all this time of having the song I have been able to record it to a good standard.

The drums were recorded first in the university studio, without a click, using the SSL desk.  Some minor editing and mixing was done before recording but the majority took place afterwards.  Guitar and bass were then recorded at a home studio, where all the mixing and mastering took place.  This was all done on Logic.  The guitars were double tracked through a Marshall amp and the bass was recorded directly into the desk.  Effects such as echo and reverb were added to parts of the guitar tracks and the usual compression and EQ was applied to everything.  I then grouped the drum tracks together and applied more compression.  Next, I grouped the guitar parts together and the bass parts together and along with the drum group, sorted out levels.

When mastering, I listened to the track next to some other songs I would group it with to see how it sounded.  (For an idea of my reference list, look at my mixtape track listing).  I bounced it down and listened to it on as many different speakers as possible.  I realised it needed some minor changes including rising the bass levels to create the warm sound I was going for and turning certain parts, such as the lead guitar parts, up in volume.  Finally, I needed to turn the volume up of the entire song as I realised it was a bit too quiet next to other songs.  Having a list of reference songs was important when mastering this song.

I am happy with the outcome and hope to keep up this standard of work when recording future songs.  So, here it is…


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