Marketing and Audience

To start, I will talk about where this kind of music is performed.  It has designated festivals that have only been around for a few years.  There is one called Desertfest, which began in London and Berlin and has now expanded to Antwerp.

There is also Freak Valley festival, Stoned from the Underground, Keep It Low festival and Void Fest, which take place in Germany.

Sonic Blast Moledo and Reverence Valada in Portugal…

Riff Ritual and Kristonfest in Spain…

Roadburn in the Netherlands…

and finally, Lake on Fire in Austria.

Duna Jam is another example of this, although it is only available to attend by request via email.  Only a handful of people get selected.  Taking place in various landscapes including beaches and mountains, it is still only small and somewhat secret but they do have some big names in the scene playing there including Colour Haze and Yawning Man.

Lots of these festivals have only appeared in recent years meaning that this scene is seeing a major rise in popularity.  It is clear that Europe is where the main audiences for this music are.  The majority of music from this scene now comes from Europe and it is performed to European fans.  This is not to say that America for example has no market for it, but it seems as though Europe is the place that is thriving and is the place my music would be best received.  With the return of masters of the genre Black Sabbath in recent years, the scene has had a major boost and bands have started moving up to more mainstream festivals such as Reading and Download.

Next, I will talk about the online presence of the scene.  The main place I go to hear the latest is the YouTube channel Stoned Meadow of Doom.  This user uploads full albums of various bands in the genre.  On this channel you will find discussion amongst fans and recommendations on who to listen to next.  It is a definite bookmark for anyone interested in this scene.

Another YouTube channel I came across was AnotherTime AnotherSpace.  Again, this user uploads psychedelic, space music albums and it’s a good channel to visit when looking for instrumental music in this scene.

The main blog to go to for this music is Heavy Planet.  I have been visiting this blog for a while and it has always been useful in giving me the fairest and most unbiased reviews on albums and concerts as well as sharing interviews with bands and offering new music.  They offer free downloads of their own compilations, made up from tracks they enjoy and even include an email address you can send your own tracks to and they will review and even upload it if they like it.

Another good blog I have accessed is Sleeping Shaman.  Again, this provides visitors with detailed albums reviews, photos, interviews and general news within the scene.

Other blogs I have looked at that look good have not been in use for a while and so at this point in time are not ideal reference points.  Stoner Hive was the next best blog I could find.  It is up to date and constantly updated with new tracks, reviews and stats.  It is certainly one for me to keep my eye on in the future.

Another interesting online post I found on the genre was presented in a chronological order of the history of the genre.  Entitled ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Doom and Stoner Rock’, the post is almost like a family tree of the genre.  This speaks volumes for what I mentioned earlier that there is a sense of togetherness and community in this scene – bands and fans have respect for each other equally.

There are independent record companies that are dedicated to this style including Rise Above Records, Catacomb Records, Sound Zero and more.

I also found this blog which linked me to many other record labels that specialise in this area of music.

However, I haven’t been able to find any magazines, venues or independent stores that are primarily for this scene and I put that down to it not being big enough.  However, with the evident rise the scene is experiencing it may not be long before these things start appearing.


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