Revenue and Funding

My main aim behind this project is not to make money but to represent the place I live by making music that I like.  However, if I were to think about it in terms of revenue, I would need to take advantage of the internet and the various DIY ways of releasing music that are now available.  For example, like Cofa Tree, the Coventry duo who were mentioned in my comparative projects, I could make my music available on iTunes for a suitable amount of money.  That could be a full album download or individual song downloads.  iTunes is still a very popular way of accessing music and although I have never used it to sell my own music before, it might be something to consider.

Another possible platform is the site CD Baby. This site is designed for independent musicians to release their music.  The artist decides a price and CD Baby keeps the equivalent of $4 and the rest of the money gets paid to the musician on a weekly basis.  There are other fees that are attached such as an album fee which is paid once per album.

Outside funding for this project is not essential but it is still something to think about.  With extra money I would be able to record at a studio with people who have more knowledge and equipment.  However, the one thing I do not want with this project is it to be over produced.  I want it to sound raw and loose so perhaps in some ways a high end professional recording may not be the route to go down.  Funding could go towards other things though, such as musical equipment or CD’s and packaging for example.

Crowd funding is one option for an artist on my level but the reality of that coming to anything may be minimal.  I would need to first share some of my music so people actually know what they are paying for.  Even then, it is not something many people are interested in.  With illegal downloading and streaming sites, people won’t even pay money for the most popular music so the chances of people paying money to hear someone on my level release their first solo album is unlikely.

However, funding could also come from more organised sources.  For example, I looked at a Welsh site called Wales Arts International.  This site offers funding programmes that help Welsh musicians take their projects to an international level.  It is designed so Welsh musicians can develop their practice and present it to a wider audience.

Another source is the Arts Council of Wales.  This Welsh organisation is set up so that it offers musicians living in Wales a chance to get their projects up and running.  Small grants up to £5000 and large which are over £5000 can be applied for.


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