Work Experience – Success

After rejections and no replies, I have finally been able to sort something out for work experience.  It will take place in June, after the module has finished but it seems as though it will be very useful for me.  It is at a studio called Ty Du, in Rogerstone, Newport.  I emailed a man called Alex, who has done a similar course to mine in Glamorgan university and has since recorded musicians including the Super Furry Animals at this studio.  After realising how difficult it is to get a work experience position in a studio, I could not turn this down.  Below is a link to their website where you can see examples of bands they have recorded as well as pictures and news on the studio.

Work exp success




work exp success 2

As well as doing this for the PDAR module, I aim to do some more work experience over the summer too.

I plan to apply for the BBC work experience that they offer because it would be great for me to learn new things, meet new people and make contacts.  It would look great on my CV and may help me once university has finished as applying for the BBC was one of my thoughts.

And finally I may be helping out on the sound desk at an event in Caerphilly during the summer too.  This will be good experience in live sound and again, teach me new things.



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