Some references to get the ball rolling…

It is important for me to listen to and analyse as much music as possible so I have plenty to reference.  I am looking for all sorts of inspiration from overall vibes and atmospheres down to individual drum sounds and guitar tones for example.

This song is one I am referencing for a currently unrecorded song that I have.  I want to capture that acoustic sound held together by the droning electric guitar.  Although a modern band, this song reminds me of something that would be heard in the 60’s.  I need to think about how I’m going to create this sound.  Light percussion, a gentle acoustic guitar sound, the droning sound of the repetitive chord from the electric guitar, soft vocals that give off a soothing yet slightly unsettled feeling.  I want to get this sort of vibe for one particular song of mine so this song should be extremely helpful for me.

Although I enjoy the whole song I have mainly included this for the transition into the solo at 3:01. I love that build up with the rumbling bass and guitar and the almost over EQ’d tom toms that then drops into this psychedelic sonic world.  The guitar, bass and drum sounds in this solo are a strong reference for me too.  I think they are all at the ideal levels and when the vocals come in it fits together perfectly.  Another song that should be useful for me to reference.

Mark Lanegan is a huge influence to my vocal approach.  I could have chosen any song really but this is one in which the vocals are heard clearly.  I like the raw, gritty sound of the vocals.  They seem very real and not over produced.  They seem heartfelt and gripping.  This is an artist I have been and will continue to be listening to a lot of when recording my songs.


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