Work Experience – summary

Although the third year has begun, I realised I didn’t post about the results of my work experience…

Over the summer I completed my work experience that was part of the PDAR module.  This took place at Ty Du studios in Rogerstone, Newport.  I attended for 5 days – Monday to Friday.  When I arrived I was shown around the studio and got to know Alex, the man who runs Ty Du.  He asked me about the work I have done in university and told me about the sort of work he does.

During the week I was there, he had no bands booked to come in and record so instead we looked at some of the songs he had recorded the week before and was still in the process of mixing.  This involved guitar based music with rap and hip hop vocals (Somewhere between Rage Against The Machine and Dog Eat Dog).  He showed me some mixing techniques I hadn’t seen before and encouraged me to speak up if there was anything I thought needed changing.

We also looked at some soundtrack music he had been making to be sent off to America.  He worked alongside another producer somewhere in England and together they created 2 to 3 minute pieces of music designed for film trailers.  He showed me the steps he had taken in creating a piece of music and continued to work on it when I was there.

So, overall it was an interesting experience and a good contact has been made.  I was able to see the work schedule and demands a working producer has to follow from day to day.  If I were to say anything bad about the time I spent there it would be that perhaps I didn’t actually do too much myself.  By this I mean it involved me watching and listening a lot but not actually doing too much.  This probably would have been different if there were bands recording but that’s just how it worked out that week.  However, by watching and listening I was still able to learn about different mixing techniques and ideas.


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