First task for the Live module

For our first task in this module, we were to get into groups and respond to a piece of writing by Deleuze called Societies of Control.  The basic idea of this piece is that we are all part of something bigger.  Everything is owned by something else.  My group focused on mass production and advertisement when approaching this task.

The only stipulation was that it had to be between 30 and 60 minutes.  Our idea was to play and record an almost entirely improvised piece.  The only predetermined part was that there would be an initial riff known as the production riff.  This symbolised production in it’s simplest form.  Repetitive and straightforward.  After looping that initial production riff we were free to take the piece wherever we wanted.  The idea was to build up layer after layer until it turned to chaos.  This would symbolise the bombardment of mass production and advertisement.  The initial production riff is still there but when it is removed there is nothing but chaos and mess.  Once that was done we added various advertisements and at the end repeat the same McDonalds advertisement over and over to represent the repetitive and forceful nature of advertisement.

Here it is:



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