Instrumental music referencing

This is the title track from the album Rock Formations by Yawning Man.  It actually said in a review on the front of this album when I bought it that it is an essential album for anyone working in the stoner rock scene.  I couldn’t agree with this statement more.  I listened to it the whole way through and only noticed at the end that it had no vocals at all. For music to be able to capture you and create so much imagery in your head without vocals is something special. Yawning Man are a big influence for me at the moment.

A spin off band of Yawning Man, Yawning Sons have a similar approach. Instrumental, atmospheric and full of character and emotion. Of course, my music isn’t going to be just like these bands but I would imagine there will be some reference to them in that I hope I can create an atmosphere like these bands do, particularly in my instrumental pieces.

Short and sweet. Another instrumental piece I particularly like for its simplicity.  There isn’t many layers and there isn’t much going on but it works.  Sometimes more is less – something I must remember when trying to add layer after layer to something that sounds better left alone.

Again, short and sweet. Again, not too much going on, not too many layers. However, again, it works so well. Something like this, about a minute in length is a great addition to an album.  It usually works well slotted near the end of an album, where it can act as a nice interlude.  Something like this, about a minute in length, is something I am considering doing myself.


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