Dual Drumming – First practice and performance

This project began after I saw Hannah doing a solo improv drum piece.  I asked her if she was interested in trying it with two drummers as it was something I had been wanting to try for a while.  A week or two later we had our first jam…

This was the first practice we had together for this project – we basically just hit the drums in any way we wanted.  Free and messy improvisation.  The idea, for me at least, was to forget any drummers I am influenced by and any techniques I learnt whilst learning to play drums.  The only guideline we gave ourselves was to use the cymbals only at the start and build up into a big ending using the whole kit.

This time we swapped over and gave something else a go.  It was still all improv and was just us experimenting with different sounds and approaches.  The electric kit gives you many options so it will interesting to see how we use that further.

This was us performing the first piece in front of an audience the next day.  We chose the first piece because we agreed it was more interesting to watch than the second.  The call and response section is something we definitely need to work on further.  I think this is a good point to be at with the project at the moment and we now have a few options of what to do next.  The idea we are running with at the moment, if possible, is to use two acoustic kits and then if necessary, add some pads to each of them for the weird sounds.


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