It’s time to think about drums. Overall vibes through to individual components – the drums are what holds it all together. I have been recording drums as I go along for this album but in order to get a consistent sound that makes the album feel more like one piece, I will be re-recording them.  This album for me is partly a step back from the heavier side of stoner rock and a chance for me to experiment with some more gentle, quiet and textured music but as it stands at the moment, about half of the songs include full drum kit, whilst the other half rely more on gentle percussion.  So, it is important for me to find the drum sound I want for the songs that include them.

This gives an idea of the sort of snare sound I want to get. Very natural and live sounding with a nice ring. Also in this song, I like the hi hat and cymbal sounds too – again natural and not over done.

Sleep are another essential band to have in your reference list when studying stoner rock.  This one is particularly for the kick drum sound.  Very punchy, low end, deep and rumbling. One thing I don’t want is for the kick drum to get lost beneath all the other layers so like this song, I want it to be heard nice and clear.

More Kyuss – this one is for the toms.  The toms are dense and fat giving them plenty of presence and character.  This song was the first that came to my head when I thought toms – it was an obvious choice.

Again, this is for the toms. If you go to 2:00 on this track you will hear some huge tom fills that I love.


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