Dual drumming – expanded soundscapes and scenarios

This time we experimented with a wide range of percussion as well as using the drum kits. It opened up far more possibilities and created new soundscapes.

This time we developed the idea and instead of complete free improvisation, we reacted to a scenario.  So, there was more of a narrative to follow whilst still keeping it improvised. The scenario was set on a snowy mountain.  The start would set the scene and create a calm, gentle snowy night on a quiet mountain.  The next scene would involve two wolves crossing paths and getting into a fight.  The approaching wolves would be signalled in the piece by a build up that gave off a feeling of danger and uncertainty before striking each other.  It was useful to each think of ourself as the wolf and use the drums to express the impending fight. It would end then with either one of the wolves winning or both wolves going their separate ways. This would depend on how we improvised it.


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