New Project

It seems as though the dual drumming project may have run it’s course but it was a good experiment to be part of.  It taught me a lot about how to feed off another person’s energy whilst playing music and that listening is just as important as playing when performing.  A dual drumming project was something I always wanted to try so I am happy that I got to try it out even though it wouldn’t continue throughout the year.

Whilst doing this project, I have also been developing another one with two other guys from the course.  This grew from the first task of the module where we realised the sound we created could be taken further.  It is currently a nameless band with nameless songs, but it is beginning to develop nicely now in terms of content. Although a lot of our music taste differs, we have tapped into a certain sound here and it seems to be working.

So, here are two very rough ideas that came from the first proper jam together.  The videos cut out, we are sloppy and the songs are incomplete but this footage is simply to give an idea of the sort of sounds we are making.

New footage will be coming soon so keep an eye out!


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