Second practice, first performance and influences

Here are the pieces of music we have been developing in practice before our first performance.

Here is the current state of this project. We developed three separate pieces and later realised all three of them could sit together quite nicely.  So, we gave it a go. The result is this (roughly) 8 minute piece which although not perfect, captures everything this project will be about. The only other thing that may be added is vocals although the style and content of these is still undecided.

We are beginning to bring all of our separate influences together to create our own sound now.  Billy (guitarist/vocalist) brings in his influences from electronic music and post-rock/indie.  Artists that influence him include Tame Impala, Bonobo and the Stone Roses.  Rhys (drums) brings a tight, precise drumming style that has come from years of learning jazz techniques as well as playing heavy metal music in bands.  Artists that influence him include InMe, Killswitch Engage and SikTh.  I am influenced by desert rock and heavy psychedelic rock.  I hope to bring a certain groove through my bass lines that compliments the other two styles that are brought by Billy and Rhys.  Artists that influence me include Yawning Man, Kyuss and Earthless.  When we first started jamming, I got strong Yawning Man vibes through the atmospheric, instrumental jamming which is why I knew all of our opposing influences could work together if we crafted them right.

This is still in a very early development stage so the direction it will expand in is unknown at the moment but we aim to keep this sort of sound.  One idea was to have short up tempo songs separated by longer spacey songs.  The short songs would be the more defined vocal based songs whereas the spacey songs would be more improvised and jam styled.


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