New material and influence crossovers

This is a short video of a new idea we are currently working on. There hasn’t been much development with this piece yet but we have spoke about possible directions to take it in.

This video shows two new songs we put together.  The first one remains untitled and the second one is called ‘Hideaway’.  With the first piece of material coming from this project being an 8 minute progressive jam, we wanted to write a couple of shorter, more accessible songs.

I think what is interesting now is that each of us are becoming interested in each others separate influences and styles.  Where as at the beginning we all brought these styles that were somewhat unfamiliar territory to the other two, we are now becoming more fascinated in the possibilities of putting all of these styles together.  For example, the echoed vocals and delayed guitars certainly cross over with my style of music and the somewhat unusual and precise drum patterns that Rhys brings cross over with Billy’s electronic influences.  To further our individual understandings of each others music taste even more, we all have to listen to each others music and understand how and why it is put together.

This project is developing nicely now and the current aim is to tighten up these songs we have and continue writing.  After that, we plan to record some of our material properly and think about gigging.


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