The Mixing and The Mastering

Today the album was fully mixed and mastered.  There is still time for a second master if necessary so now is the time for me to listen.

The mixing came to an end today with some stereo space work.  Although only subtle differences came from this process, that slight boost in quality made all the difference before sending it through to be mastered.

stereo space face

With some final EQing and a quick check on all of the compression, de-essers and side chaining, the mixes were ready to master!


Firstly, I added additional EQ to boost the top end where the bass felt too heavy.  Although it is primarily a bass heavy album, there were points where it became too much.

Next, a series of gradual compressors were added on to boost clarity once again, whilst being careful not to over compress it so I was able to keep the rawness I originally had.

The next step was adding a multipressor to control the low mids and trebles.

The penultimate step was to look at the stereo spread and get that sounding nice.

Finally, I added a brick wall limiter with the ceiling set at -0.1db.  This was done to avoid any clipping.

After that, it was just a case of checking the volumes against professional recordings and adjusting gain if necessary.


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