Live update: preparation

As mentioned at the end of the last post, we were going to try getting a gig before the live show for some practice in a real live setting in front of people we don’t know.  On the 26th March we played a half hour set in Le Pub, Newport to a fairly large audience.  I have played many gigs in there over the years and this night was probably the fullest it has ever been when I have been on stage, so this was good practice for us as a band.  The set went well and allowed us to get an idea of how the songs sounded somewhere other than the university.  We had positive feedback from members of the audience so on a whole it was a success for us.

After getting back in the studio to practice yesterday, we have decided on a three song set that should fill the 12 minutes.  2 of these are on the EP we recorded…

…and the third is one we have been playing since we began this project so with some more practice these songs should sound tight by the show.

We are also going to add some synth to the mix for textual layers and to get it sounding more like the recordings.  We tried this before and it worked well so we are going to reintroduce that for the show.

Also, we are going to have some sort of visual display happening behind us as we play.  I feel that for our style of music, this would make the performance much more dynamic and complete.

More soon!


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