Equipment and Additions – how we get our sound

So, everything has been really hectic preparing for the live show so there has been a lack of updates here.  Now would be a good time to talk about some of the equipment that helps make our sound what it is.

On drums, Rhys uses a piccolo snare, which gives off that snappy, firm sound.  Sometimes he uses another deep snare on the side for some differentiation but for the live show, it was just the piccolo.

I play the EB3 Epiphone SG bass which is put straight through a Behringer bass flanger pedal and for the show, plugged into an Ampeg stack.  This gives a huge spacey bass sound and it was the addition of the flanger that made it so big.

Billy makes use of a loop pedal, heavy delay and distortion on the big sections and usually runs through a Fender amp.  For vocals, Billy runs his voice through his laptop where has set up a function that gives the vocals plenty of delay and reverb, giving off an atmospheric vibe.

We added our friend Alex in on korg synth to fill out the sound and give it more texture in the same way we got it sounding on the recording.  With this addition, it now sounded like this…

We then also had another friend Joe join us as a session musician as his project fell apart last minute.  We asked him because we felt that the sound could still be bigger and another guitar would do just that.

The sound is now huge!  It is much closer to the sound I think we all had in our head as this project developed.  A few practices with these new additions and next up was the live show…


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