About the Blog and Myself

Welcome.  This blog is for me to show my ideas, thoughts, influences, creations etc.  I will be using it during my time at the University of Wales, Newport, where I study Creative Sound and Music.

My name is Ben Hughes and I’m from Cwmbran, South Wales.

I have been interested in music from a young age. I was brought up around a lot of music and always felt passionate about it. I started playing drums at the age of 15. I had 2 or 3 lessons before deciding to teach myself as I believe it’s important to develop your own style. I also learnt to play guitar and bass guitar in following years.

I have been in a few different bands since I was 15 as well as filling in for people when needed. I played drums in my first 2 bands and I play bass in my current band. They have all been very worthwhile and I have met some great people too.

Check the pages (on the left) for a look at projects and pieces of work I have done.  Check the homepage for a feed of my latest posts or click a particular category on the right!


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