Twitter account is now up and running!


Welcome back!

I have officially entered my third and final year of university!  I am eager to get stuck in and see what this year holds. There will be new pages for my production module and my live module.  Also, following on from my dissertation literature review last year, I will be posting updates on my progress with my dissertation this year.  Check back soon!


Everything for the Project Development and Applied Research is now complete!  Check the work experience, applied research and original work pages to see the results.  It has probably been my favourite module in university so far and I look forward to continuing the project next year.

Also, head on over to the Advanced Production Techniques to see how I progressed in that module.  You can now hear my drum recording, samples track, mixtape and final original recording!

New Module!

And another module begins…

This time I will be coming up with a project that I can build now and take into the third year of uni.  I will also be doing some in depth research around this idea so I will be knowledgeable in my area of practice.  And finally I will be doing work experience that will hopefully link to my project and give me more of an idea of the creative, working world.

More to come soon!


It’s been a busy month with the Networking Music, Global Perspectives and Philosophical Encounters modules all coming to an end.

Head over to the Global Perspectives page to see a video of my group’s project including initial ideas and practices, development and final outcome.

Head over to the Philosophical Encounters page to read my ideas on consciousness, rhizomes, copyright and the idea that human beings will at some point be no more!  All of this and more!


Today was the last day in uni before Christmas.  I’ve been busy working on both the Global Perspectives project and the Networking Music project.  Both of these are now coming together nicely.  Over Christmas I will be continuing to develop these as well as working on my Philosophical Encounters essay.  There will be plenty on all of this through December and into January!  Merry Xmas all!


Work has started on the final performance for Global Perspectives.  There has been a lot of different ideas but after this week’s session we have thought of a way to bring it all together.  The next few weeks will be focused on practising our piece and getting it perfected.  Check back here for more updates soon!