Physical copies

physical release teaser

Here are the physical copies that have been made for the album release.  I have made 10 to start and if there is any demand for more I will make them.  I will be giving these away for free.


Promo video

I decided not to make any actual music videos for any of my songs because I felt that they would be rushed and not of good standard.  I spent a lot of time crafting the music and even more time messing around with lots of different mixing techniques and finding the right sounds.  I felt that if I were to have a music video, it would need to reflect this level of quality and time.

So, as an alternative and as another promotional tool to catch people’s eyes, I have made a short teaser video.  About a minute in length, the video illustrates the sort of visuals associated with this music and gives the public a taster of the music itself.  With under a week until the release, this last minute promotional tool may help turn a few more heads.

The Mixing and The Mastering

Today the album was fully mixed and mastered.  There is still time for a second master if necessary so now is the time for me to listen.

The mixing came to an end today with some stereo space work.  Although only subtle differences came from this process, that slight boost in quality made all the difference before sending it through to be mastered.

stereo space face

With some final EQing and a quick check on all of the compression, de-essers and side chaining, the mixes were ready to master!


Firstly, I added additional EQ to boost the top end where the bass felt too heavy.  Although it is primarily a bass heavy album, there were points where it became too much.

Next, a series of gradual compressors were added on to boost clarity once again, whilst being careful not to over compress it so I was able to keep the rawness I originally had.

The next step was adding a multipressor to control the low mids and trebles.

The penultimate step was to look at the stereo spread and get that sounding nice.

Finally, I added a brick wall limiter with the ceiling set at -0.1db.  This was done to avoid any clipping.

After that, it was just a case of checking the volumes against professional recordings and adjusting gain if necessary.

Artist Page

As the album is nearing completion and everything is starting to take shape, I have created an artist page on Facebook so people have a direct link to my music rather than going to my personal Facebook page and trying to find it amongst everything else.  I have created it now so I have time to get some people interested.  Over the next couple of weeks I will share updates such as artwork, track listing and conceptual themes.  Hopefully by doing this, when the album is released more people will take notice and after uni finishes this page will still be the main point of contact for my music.

Perpetual Valley – Track List

I can now reveal that the title of my album will be Perpetual Valley.  The songs are in the final mixing stage now and it looks like after one more session it will be done and ready for mastering.  The name for the album came from the theme that runs through the album.  This theme involves travel, experience, continuation and journey.  Below is the track list (the order of which MAY change, but is unlikely now).  At a later date I will explain the concept in more detail.

1. Samsara

2. Candlewax

3. Dragons of Eden

4. Introvert Dream

5. 33

6. Sungazer

7. Silver Meadows

8. The Flowing River

9. Tool Equipped Savanna Dweller


Mixing for the album is well under way!  The mixes I had before were sounding a bit muddy and unclear so they have been tidied up whilst still maintaining the sound I was going for.  Waves plugins have helped with that ‘cleaning everything up’ process.

I have been debating removing the acoustic track I recorded because I am unsure if it fits in with the sound of the album.  However, I have been toying with idea of recording an acoustic album so it wont go to waste in the long run.  This means there is now 8 songs on this album.  6 of those have been mixed other than the vocals.  The other 2 will be completed soon.