Live Show – ‘Deleuzians of Grandeur’


All of our thoughts and practice were to finally be put to the test.  At 2pm the crowds started turning up and filling the halls.  First up was the art projections and installations, all of which were unique and fantastic.  The next set was comprised of acoustic acts and bands.  After that came an electronic set which included some great visuals and performances.  Lastly came the band set.

Although running a little behind schedule, everyone got to perform as they had rehearsed.  We were on one but last so it had been a long day of waiting around.  We quickly set up our gear and got right into it.  With Dog in Space projected behind us on screen, we jumped right into our first (and still untitled) song.  This went down well and got us loosened up.  This song came from one of our first jams and it is amazing to see how far it has come.  I think it was a suitable opener as it represented the band’s beginning.  Next was Footsteps in the Dark.  This song brings a more laid back groove with plenty of catchy hooks and vocal melodies, ending in a double speed chaotic bang.  This song came from a jam Rhys and I had and Billy built his guitar parts around it.  As the project has developed, we have found that this is often a good way for us to write, which brings me to the next song where the same thing happened.  Finally we played Space is Alive, which we consider our strongest song.  Beginning with a Pink Floyd style verse, the song moves along smoothly into the big chorus that is built around a very distinctive drum pattern.  The song then continues through to a melodic end.

All in all, I think the performance went very well.  The levels seemed great so everything could be heard clearly and with the lights down and the Dog in Space display behind us, things looked professional.  I think we played to the best of our abilities, with no major mistakes happening from anyone.  I was personally a little bit nervous before going on because of the high standard of performances that had taken place throughout the day but as soon as I got on stage and started playing I really enjoyed it and it was a perfect way to end the course.  It felt as though after three years of being on the course, everyone came together and made this happen, showing their determination and skills.  It was a pleasure to share the stage with so many other amazingly talented musicians and I think we did ourselves proud.

Now that it is all done and dusted, Billy, Rhys and I have talked about the future of this band.  We were all a bit unsure to start with but after the incredible response we had from our performance at the show as well as the response we have had online, it seems a waste not to continue with it.  I don’t know what is going to happen exactly but I think it is safe to say we will be doing some more jamming, recording and live gigs in the future.


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